Exhibitions on view:

Love Poems, Basement Projects, Santa Ana CA  February 4-March 1 2017

Kitsch 2, The Alice Gallery, Seattle Washington. January 26-February 10 2017 (screening In Between)

Kitsch, StudioE gallery, Seattle Washington December-January 21 2017

Recent Exhibitions:

Emily Silver:The Magic Hour, ESXLA, Los Angeles CA Sept 10,2016- Oct 8, 2016 (solo)

Primo Lane, OutPost Projects, Joshua Tree CA. January 4- May 22 2015

Savage Sentimentality, Wignall Museum, Rancho Cucamunga CA,  January 13- March 2015

Wish You Weren't Here, West LA College Gallery, Los Angeles CA February 12- March 15 2015

Get on the Pool, La Piscina Gallery, Los Angeles CA, February 28-March 28 2015


Recent Articles:


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Brief Statement:

This body of work seeks to examine the space between the celebratory, and the tragedy that simultaneously exist in the life of an event. As subject matter I look to funerals, parties, parades, and carnivals, in their finite nature, for the work to be actively a part of these sensual celebratory spaces. The materials hold a metaphor of the ephemeral and the cherished creating objects and videos that play with what is monumental or decorative, comic or tragic, and beg the viewer to reconsider their relationship to these ideas.


Many of the sculptures become part of short animations or photographs that begin to shift our perception of what is real, what is desired, and what is anticipated. This work mashes the individual and group, the celebratory and discarded, the monumental and diminutive. Though these pieces seem overtly playful, there is an under current of the tragic, absurd and unexpected invading these spaces.


Emily lives and works in Los Angeles, CA and Joshua Tree Ca