​These are some examples of 3D design and beginning sculpture student work. Projects include, but not limited to, inflatable sculptures, wearable sculptures/performative objects, and introduction to installation. With no budget to supply materials, the projects get creative with materials.With no budget for materials, the projects get creative with how we explore.

3D design/Foundations

Art Mentor Students SMC

This is work from a course at Santa Monica College called Art Mentor program. It is a course for advanced students who are working on a portfolio for transferring to a 4 year college. The course is designed as a  multi-discipline environment, challenging students to reach beyond their basic skill sets.

2D Design/Foundations/

Beginning Drawing

These are examples of 2D design and Beginning drawing student work at Santa Monica College


Advanced Drawing & Painting Critique Class

Student work from Advanced Drawing and Advanced Painting Crit courses at Penn State University


Advanced Sculpture, Installation Art, Beginning Sculpture 

Student work from Advanced Sculpture, Installation Art and Beginning Sculpture classes at Penn State University

3D Design Video Sample-
wearable sculpture performance
3D Design Stop Motion Sample

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